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Art Trade: Mami Tomoe by aurahunter
Art Trade: Mami Tomoe
I finally finished this!

This is my half of my art trade with :iconbogidream: The character is Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I really enjoyed drawing her because her design is so different but yet shares elements of the standard Magical Girl.
I hope you like it. ^.^   
Dissidia Aces Cycle 4 Round 1.1: Warrior Goddess by aurahunter
Dissidia Aces Cycle 4 Round 1.1: Warrior Goddess
"After these guys are out of way, your're next ninja boy"

"Haha, can't wait to see you try, Warrior Goddess~"

This is for round 1 for :icondissidiaaces: vs :iconutenafangirl: The point of this round was to have the characters fighting with or against a mob of monsters. So, I chose the Ahirman enemy on the Lunar Subterrane stage. Yes I know it's the Lunar Surface , but it's called Lunar Subterrane so it counts, kind of. The symbol thingy by Edge's hand was suppose be a Ninjutsu sign, the spell being Flame, but it came out bad. oh to well.

I know the picture sucks and all that, but I really didn't have much time to work on this.   

Dissidia Aces Cycle 04 Prelim by aurahunter
Dissidia Aces Cycle 04 Prelim
Team Blue Planet! ...Plus Relm... Dang it Relm...

Anyway, I decide to join the fourth cycle of :icondissidiaaces: . As I had fun the first time around and still wish to continue getting better. My choice of characters this time were...

 Edge Geraldine (IV): Edge is tied with Cecil for being my favorite guy in the game. The main reason I love this guy so much is his personalty.(Also how he acts nothing like a ninja). I figured that he would be a great character to use to experiment with poses and such. I chose his design from the first game, as I think he looks better in it. (Not that he looks bad in the after years, hell no, he still looks pretty.) Bottom line is that I would love to have him as my character for this cycle, seeing as last cycle, I had Rydia.

Also, I'm so sorry Edge, your picture came out terrible. It looked nice on paper, but it turned out so shitty on computer.   

Ceodore Harvey (IV:TAY): Let me just say one thing about this kid, he's the most adorable little thing that ever was. Cecil and Rosa are lucky to have a kid like him. I know Ceodore may not be most loved of the IV universe characters, but lord help me if I don't love him. He has so much going for him to have great character development, but the developers didn't use this to the fullest. He's useful in battle, has a great design, and has some development(Still not as much as he could have, damn developers.) The reason the colors on his armor look a bit different is that I used a black and white Amano piece.

Relm Arrowny (VI): Cute and blunt, what's not to love? Not the most impacting character story-wise, but its still easy to feel sorry for her( As many of the VI cast seems to make me feel). Though she's the cause of a sometimes game wiping glitch, she still useful in battle due to her high magic stat. She would be neat to experiment with her sketch ability.

All in all, I  hope I can get in with someone. Good luck to everyone taking part in this.    
Final Fantasy 1 Comic: Page 3 by aurahunter
Final Fantasy 1 Comic: Page 3
I'm sorry that this page took so long to make. This is the result of two things. 1.) Life happened 2.) I had no motivation. I hop this will never happen again. But, here it is.

Next: To come...
Final Fantasy 0 Fan Art by aurahunter
Final Fantasy 0 Fan Art
Happy (late) anniversary Final Fantasy 0! This was just a quick drawing, but I tried to make it look as nicely colored as I could. It was hard thinking of how to color the Black Mage, as seeing there's no colored picture of his current out fit in the comic. So I just kind of winged it. I can only hope you like it.

Final Fantasy 0 & characters belong to  :iconbundleofstring:


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Really needs to post things
What can I say? I'm a girl with intrest in becoming an writer .

Video Game series I like:

- Rockman,X,Zero,ZX,EXE,starforce
- Final fantasy
- Kingdom hearts
- Kid Icarus
- Poke'mon
- The legend of Kage
- Resident Evil
- Mortal Kombat
- Metroid
- BlazBlue

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